Green Roots is a botanical styling service based in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. 
green up your space
reconnect with
your roots
Green Roots is all about promoting and enabling our co-existence with the natural world. Whether it is a few plants in our indoor spaces, or a few outdoors, living with plants not only creates a stunning aesthetic but, more than that, it enables us to connect with our innate relationship to nature - having plants around brings us that little bit closer to our indigenous home!
Styling Service

Greening Spaces offers a full home-and-work indoor planting service.

Balcony Service

Beautiful design for your outdoor spaces.

Plants & Pots

Green Roots offers a carefully curated selection of beautiful plants and a range of ethically-sourced, handmade pots for tasteful interior styling.

Botanical Designs

Each object purchased

or ordered from Green Roots is individually designed and handcrafted.

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Sourcing Ethically - Curating Mindfully
To honour and reflect nature, Green Roots seeks to source ethical, organic, high quality products.