It all started with a beautiful flower shop in Prenzlauer Berg. I have always had a very close affinity with nature and whenever I hung-out in this shop, I felt instantly happy and well. Two years later I had re-trained as a florist and my passion for indoor plants was ignited!


Green Roots is my way to bring nature to you: to source and create beautiful objects that you will want to live with, my desire being that every Green Roots design brings the transformative aesthetic of nature into your indoor space. 

I feel so lucky that with Green Roots I am able to bring so many of my loves together - my love for plants, natural materials, design, handcraft, beauty, ceramics, as well as my commitment to sustainability. I hope I get the chance to share my loves with you!

Green Roots

Christburger Str. 17

10405 Berlin

Tel: 0151 18159250

Email: green-roots@posteo.net


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